Restaurant & Cafe

With a view to meet and fulfil the diverse gastronomical requirements of its national and international guests, Amantra offers a wide range of multi cuisines, ranging from local to continental. Use of traditional spices and vessels produce ambrosia of flavours and the authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Amantra's breakfast menu includes everything from the traditional Rajasthanifavourites to international dishes.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, one can choose from a wide range of delicacies that will relish your taste buds.

NAVIDYA - Our all day multi cuisine restaurantsfavoured by those who want to fine dine with elegance and delicious food. Cuisines of various specialties such as Indian, Chinese, Continental and Rajasthan specialties are served here.

CAFE BLANCA a 24 hours coffee shop is at your service to have multiple choices of coffee and snacks and beverages.

IN ROOM DINNING Room Service is available 24 hrs.